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As I said earlier, when I started having mystical experiences, I started reading and studying. There was very little information in the earlier years and I never spoke to people about any of my experiences, as I had studied psychology in college, and knew that discussing such things could get you locked up, labeled as crazy, delusional, and possibly dangerous. People were afraid of anything different. Not to mention formal religions indicated that such things were evil or related to the devil. I will say without question, that my experiences have been some of the most wonderful experiences of my life and have made me believe that life is way more precious and wonderful than most people have any idea of.

Readings – I began reading and studying.

Unfinished Business – By James Van Praagh was my first book. I still follow James today.

My second book and teacher became John Edward; https://johnedward.net. I watched his TV program Crossing Over from decades ago; taken course from him, read his books, been to his seminars, and highly respect him. Johns psychic abilities have been studied and documented as real by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Afterlife_Experiments where they researched peoples psychic abilities and proven them as scientifically valid.

Ask and It is Given – By Esther and Jerry Hicks

Hello From Heaven – by Bill and Judy Guggenheim – Research and documentations on ADC or After Death Communications from 1995. Yes, Bill is part of the Guggenheim Museums.

Wired to Thrive – By Gregg Braden

The Year of Living Biblically – By A. J. Jacobs – a wonderful book written by a jewish comic, who decided to live by the old testament for a year, while living in NYC.

Buddah– A Story of Enlightenment – By Deepak Chopra

Angels in My Hair – By Lorna Byrne

The Universe as a Single Atom –  The convergence of science and spirituality – By the Dalia Lama. Ironically I learned about quantum physic from the Dalia! He was raised spiritually, not taught anything about math and science, although he has became a leaders in science. Having annual meeting where he brought leading scientists together annually.

A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle – Tolle decided to commit suicide the following day, as he could not bear life any longer. He woke the following day to a silent mind and a completely new perspective on living. Today he is an author and lecturer around the world on silencing of the mind.

90 Minutes in Heaven – By Don Piper. The first book I read on NDE’s or near death experiences.

Heaven is For Real – by Todd Burpo Another NDE

Proof of Heaven, by Dr Eben Alexander, a neuroscientist. A neuroscientist’s NDE.

Life After Life; Dr. Raymond Moody, https://near-death.com/raymond-moody/

Your Souls Plan and Your Souls Gifts – By Robert Schwatrtz 

Dr. Bruce Greyson at the UN on Near Death Experiences – Beyond the Mind-

The Holy Biblecompared the Bible to the Quran ( I want to note how many religions share many of the same perspectives, simply from another spiritual leader. there appears to be more that we agree on yet, religions often focus more on how they are different, that there religion is right and all others are wrong.)

Many Lives, Many Masters – Brian L. Weiss, MD – fascinating hypnosis and information shared with Dr Weiss.

The Jeshua Channeling, The Christ Within, and Heart Centered Living – By Pamela Kribbe

After Life – By John Edwards

Pillars of the Earth, World Without End, Columns of Fire – by Ken  Follett. A well researched and historical account of the evolution of Catholicism and Protestantism in Europe.

On Emotional Intelligence – Including being a good leader – Harvard Business Review – 10 Must Reasons


Project You – By John Edward

Writing from the Soul – By the late – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Writer’s Workshop – By Tracy Reid 

Dodging Energy Vampires  – An Empaths Guide to Resorting Health and Regaining Power – By Dr. Chritiana Northrup

Discovering Your Cosmic Blueprint – By Rebecca Campbell

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance – Marisa Peer

Awaken Your Healing Energy – By Deborah King 

The Secrets of the Pineal Gland – By Gaia

Accessing Intuitive Healing – By Jerry Willis

The Science of Changing Your Mind – By Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Becoming Super Natural – By Dr Joe Dispenza

Revolutionizing Spiritual Reality – By Caroline Myss

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVDf8eAPGk0 A 1978 movie about NDE Near death Experiencers 

Member and Student of:

Evolve with John Edward

Mystical Arts with James Van Praagh

Oracle Cards with Collette Baron Reid

Rieki – Elizabeth Fertig-Burd, Celebration Tree Farm and Wellness Center

PeterPanagore.love; Not Church. Peter has had 2 NDE’s and speaks about what he learned from dying and returning two times…


Dream Builder Coaching Certification from Life Mastery Institute/Life SoulSolutions

Life Coach Certification from James Van Praagh

Shoden Level, 1st degree, Usi Systems of Natural Healing, Reiki